Saturday, July 16, 2011


This is Sydney with her BFF, Sasha.  They get to see each and play together almost every day!  Sasha sits and stares from the window at her house, waiting for Sydney to come out and play.  When she sees Sydney, she barks and barks until her parents let her outside to play.  Sydney usually runs out to the driveway and just sits, watches, and waits for Sasha to come out and play. 

 They are always so happy and excited to see each other.  You have to be careful and steer clear from them when they are playing.  They will accidentally knock you over if you get too close. 

This is Syndey getting some baby sugar from our cute neighbor, Alexa. 

We like to call our neighbors the "A Team" since all of their names (except for Sasha) start with an "A."  We just love'em to pieces.  Alexa absolutely ADORES Brockeypoo.  I've never seen a kid want someone so much...when Brock is around, she doesn't want her parents, the puppies, nothing interests her except for Brock.  I guess he is her first crush!  :)

Here's baby Alexa with her two favorite men...Isn't she precious?

and here she is with her beautiful Mom...

I'm so very thankful that we have been blessed with such sweet neighbors; they have become some of our closest friends!

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