Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mixed Feelings...

Bye Bye Bugzi...
Hellooooooooooooooooo Honda!

We got an incredibly good deal on sweet lil' Bugzi...so good of a deal, that we just couldn't pass it up.  Yes, I DID cry when I had to turn over the keys to Bugzi.  Can you blame me?  I loved that car...and I am also willing to bet money that I will have another one in the future.  :)  Until then, I have upgraded to a more "family oriented" vehicle with better gas mileage, lower payments, and much more room for stuff!  We have already made a beach trip in the new car, and boy was it nice to actually have a trunk to pack all of our stuff!  I had to give up my convertible, but got a sunroof instead.  I actually really like the sunroof; my hair does not get nearly as tangled as it did with the convertible.  Another bonus to the Civic is that it has cloth seats...Bugzi had leather seats and in this Alabama heat, I got "burned" every time I sat down.  My insurance company said that I was the first 2012 vehicle owner in their system.  According to my sis, "I'm driving in the future!" 

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