Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to the world, sweet Bailey Grace!!!

Meet Bailey Grace Cameron...
born June 18th, 2011 at 2:47am (on her Mimi's Birthday!!!)

What a precious little bundle of perfection!!! 

According to the doctor, Jodi was born to birth babies.  She was in labor for all of 15 minutes!!!  WOW!

Extremely excited and exhausted parents

Proud grandparents with their first little grandbaby!

Bailey Grace with her FAVORITE Aunts (heehee...she has like a million aunts...can we say spoiled rotten???)

Bailey Grace with her sweet Papa Rock and Mimi!  Look at how she's concentrating so intently to what her Papa Rock is saying...was then when he was secretly whispering Auburn cheers to her???  Yes, on Bailey's first day of life, her grandfather was already trying to teach her how to cheer for the orange and blue.  HAHA!

I do believe that Bailey Grace is quite possibly the most loved little girl on the planet!  She was completely covered in kisses on her first day of life.  We just couldn't get enough of that sweet baby sugar!!!

Here are the birthday girls!!!  Nothing beats receiving your first grandchild for your birthday!  What a special birthday present!

Here is the absolutely breathtaking sunset on Bailey's first day of life! 

God is truly amazing!  Thank you for blessing our family with sweet Bailey Grace!!!
"For this child, I have prayed..."   Samuel 1:27

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